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We explain IT terms

We explain IT terms on the example of planting potatoes. About software development.
Suppose there is a task - to plant potatoes in the garden. Of course, you have many options on how to do this.
You can find a person with a tractor who will come and plant potatoes for you, as well as a person who will make sure that the person with the tractor plants the potatoes correctly. They come with their potatoes. This is outsourcing.
You can find someone who will plant your potatoes on your tractor. This is outstaffing.
You can call your neighbor Kohl to plant potatoes for you with a bottle of moonshine and two packs of cigarettes. This is freelance.
You can take a plow, a few buckets, potatoes, a book "Planting potatoes in 21 days" and plant potatoes yourself. However, if you need to plant a different variety of potatoes than the one mentioned in the book, you will have to dig up the whole garden again. Risk: a neighbor may come at night and dig up your buried potatoes. This is a development on WordPress.
You can come to the head of the state farm and tell him that you know very well how to plant potatoes, but this year you will not plant it, but you will do it 100% next year. And it will be really cool, and the harvest will be 10 times larger than the neighbor's harvest. So now you need money, shovels, a tractor, a tractor driver (preferably two), five diggers and a secretary. This is a startup.
When digging potatoes, you occasionally dig up the one that your father and grandfather planted. This is a legacy code.
At 8 a.m., you and your friend, father, and neighbor gather in the garden to discuss progress in planting potatoes. You tell everyone present that yesterday you planted potatoes, today you will also plant potatoes and that you have no problems that prevent you from planting potatoes, except for mosquitoes that constantly bite you. But this will not affect the quality and speed of planting potatoes and future harvests. After that, everyone takes shovels and continues to plant potatoes. This is a scrum rally.
You want to earn a little extra money. You go to your neighbor Koli and say that you want to help him plant potatoes. A neighbor asks you to show the largest potato you grew last year, as well as the names of other neighbors to whom you have already planted potatoes. The neighbor also asks why you came to him to plant potatoes, to which you must answer that all your life you dreamed of planting potatoes only in his garden. You will then be asked to explain the difference between a rake and garden shears, the best rakes you have worked with, and the process of harvesting hay and cleaning a well. And only after the neighbor's mother confirms that "this is Olchyn the little one - the one on the edge of the village" will you be given the worst shovel and you will start planting potatoes. This is an interview with an outsourcing company.
This article was written by translating part of the article